Sunday, 6 May 2012

May 2012

Hmmm, what happend to April?  I was supposed to do 200 miles and managed 143. Just-giving site is down so I can't see how much I have raised either. On top of that..I fell off the wagon big time with my healthy eating plan and hurt my back! Excuses, excuses!!

Good things about April are that I started to master the art of cycling with cleats - check out me 'specialized' shoes below, starting to look the part now!

May - spring is here and I need to start being serious. I am doing a fair bit of exercise but the weather over the last few weeks has been shocking so the cycling has taken a bit of a hit. I tried some indoor turbo training whilst watching the London marathon that I had previously taped, which was quite inspirational.

This month I hope to have only £400 left on my just giving to go, I have 6 weeks left until the L2B ride and I aim to get in 225 miles this month.  It will be difficult because I have a busy month of work planned.  Maybe I should play one less game of squash a week and supplement it with a ride. I also need to get my Pilates practice back because that will help by back no end.

So, no more excuses, no more junk food and get back on track!!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter Sunday update

April is well underway, it is Easter Sunday and I have a plan for April. I will have paid another £200 off my target leaving only £500 to go. 
I bought a specialized roubaix 'ruby' expert road bike. It's a top bike and looks great!  I don't look quite so great on it at the moment as it is taking some time to get used to the gears and balancing on such a small and light bike.  It makes my Claude Butler feel like a tank!
I am taking it slowly..went for 15 miles today round the hilly route out of Whaddon to try out those gears. Felt like I was back all those months ago when I was going downhill and being so scared that I was going to hit a pot hole and come flying off.  Eventually I found a bit of confidence and managed 18mph on the flat. Now I am soooo sore I need to sit on an ice pack!  Also it made my hands ache with a change of arm position and I could feel muscles working that I never noticed when cycling before - my stomache muscles (keeping balance) and my thighs (can only be good - have you seeeen the size of them?!)
I am going to try to cycle everywhere rather than drive - the cost of petrol is getting ridicuous and eat sensibly and give up eating chocolate and crisps of an evening, so far so good, this is my second day with no junk food. Going to take it one day at a time and hope I will lose a stone along the way.

I did 100 miles in March - I am aiming to double that this month and ride 200 miles.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Training starts again March 2012

Vietnam has been postponed to November this year. Thank goodness. Fundraising has been slow and hard going as the xmas party didn't bring in as much as we'd hoped. Having said that I have just worked out that I only have £770 left to go so that has made me very relieved and taken the weight off my shoulders. My plan now is a couple of boot fairs, a pamper party and the rest in sponsorship for the London-Brighton.

Yes, thats my interim challenge in June and a chilterns ride - also 60 miles in April.

For the next month I will be upping my mileage both on the bike and also some runs. I need to definitely up my fitness levels all round and ensure that I eat sensibly.

Today I rode 30 miles with Steve through the beautiful local countryside through villages I have never even heard of. We stopped 3 times 2 x small drink break and a longer refuel pitstop in a very pretty village by a church. The sun was shining but it was still cold and the roads were mainly quiet and safe. It was a very hilly ride though and my legs are like jelly now. I'm looking forward to increasing my stamina.