Sunday, 6 May 2012

May 2012

Hmmm, what happend to April?  I was supposed to do 200 miles and managed 143. Just-giving site is down so I can't see how much I have raised either. On top of that..I fell off the wagon big time with my healthy eating plan and hurt my back! Excuses, excuses!!

Good things about April are that I started to master the art of cycling with cleats - check out me 'specialized' shoes below, starting to look the part now!

May - spring is here and I need to start being serious. I am doing a fair bit of exercise but the weather over the last few weeks has been shocking so the cycling has taken a bit of a hit. I tried some indoor turbo training whilst watching the London marathon that I had previously taped, which was quite inspirational.

This month I hope to have only £400 left on my just giving to go, I have 6 weeks left until the L2B ride and I aim to get in 225 miles this month.  It will be difficult because I have a busy month of work planned.  Maybe I should play one less game of squash a week and supplement it with a ride. I also need to get my Pilates practice back because that will help by back no end.

So, no more excuses, no more junk food and get back on track!!

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